• What is Identity Guard?

    What is Identity Guard?

    logo-transparentIdentity Guard is a proactive privacy and identity theft protection service created by Intersections, Inc. We deliver premium solutions to help busy families and individuals take control over their personal and private information. As the need for information protection grows, we continue to provide comprehensive products that will enable consumers to react and help protect their personal information from evolving technological threats.

    Depending on the service level, our products involve a variety of features that monitor many data points to help detect fraud which may include credit monitoring and alerts, dark web monitoring, real-time credit monitoring, a proprietary predictive risks assessment, online protection and more. If we find certain activity that may indicate fraud, we will alert you so you can promptly respond. To learn more visit About Us.

  • Why choose Identity Guard?

    Why choose Identity Guard?

    Over 20 years ago, we helped create this industry – bringing together three bureau credit monitoring, identity theft victim services, and an unparalleled security focus. Since then, we’ve helped protect over 47 million consumers and have partnered with some of the biggest names in the financial industry.

    In our quest to better protect our customers and clients we’ve continued to advance our products and address the challenges of the modern world. We recognize the need for a service that focuses on traditional credit monitoring as well as in-depth privacy protection. In a digital world, consumers need a partner in safeguarding data and detecting threats. We are positioned to fill that need because of our expertise and experience, unmatched in our industry.

  • Does Privacy Now™ include Credit Monitoring?

    Does Privacy Now™ include Credit Monitoring?

    Yes, Privacy Now does a lot to help protect your identity, including monitoring your personal information for variety of things, including credit inquiries and new account openings. If we detect important information you should know about, we alert you and provide relevant advice to help address or address the issue.

  • Does Privacy Now™ include credit reports and scores?

    Does Privacy Now™ include credit reports and scores?

    No, while credit scores and reports are a great view of your history, it can often take up to 180 days to see activity. Privacy Now is a personalized identity theft service that continuously monitors your personal information to help prevent theft or misuse. Through a suite of products, Privacy Now alerts you to criminal activity that may compromise your online identity, highlights recommended actions so you can prevent or mitigate known vulnerabilities, and offers tools to help you actively help protect your identity.

  • How can I check my credit report?

    How can I check my credit report?

    Privacy Now does not include credit scores or credit reports. But these services are available through number of other sources, many for free. We’d recommend going to to check your credit reports.

  • How do I contact customer service?

    How do I contact customer service?

    You can find our contact information here or simply call us at 1-800-452-2541. Our Member Services team can help you make the most of your Identity Guard service.

  • What is your privacy policy?

    What is your privacy policy?

    You can read more about our privacy policy here.

  • What is your refund policy?

    What is your refund policy?

    Our official refund policy is located here.