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Spear Phishing Sharpens the Point on Fraud

Over the years, savvy email users have developed a trained eye for spotting spam. Watching for telltale signs like unfamiliar senders, vague subject lines and unsolicited links, internet users may feel confident they won’t fall victim to traditional phishing attempts. However, as their potential victims adapt, so too have scammers, developing a new approach to […]


ID Scanners Could Compromise Your Identity

When people spend time at hotels, restaurants and bars, they’re usually traveling, relaxing or passing time with friends – protecting their identity is likely the last thing on their mind. However, behind the counter at locations like these is a piece of technology that could put consumers’ identities at risk without them ever knowing: the […]


SMS Security Issues Affecting Online Accounts

If there’s one thing we know about internet users, it’s that they often forget to use strong passwords to secure their online accounts. Countless studies have shown that too many people rely on passwords that are incredibly easy to guess, such as the one conducted by password management firm SplashData, which cited “password” and “123456” […]


Freelancers Face Identity Theft Risks

For millions of Americans, the classic 9-5, 40-hour-per-week job no longer describes the way they work. Thirty-four percent of the national workforce consists of freelancers, according to a 2015 study by the Freelancers Union – nearly 54 million people. To many people, the life of a freelancer is attractive for many reasons. For one, it […]


Heading Back To School? Check Your Credit

If you’re a college student, an upcoming freshman, or an anxious college parent, you’re probably still enjoying your summer before it’s time to pack for school. But the semester will begin before you know it, and it’s important to start thinking about the ways you need to prepare. After you’ve signed up for classes, purchased […]


Avoid Identity Theft In A Shared Workspace

In recent years, many professions have become increasingly computerized, with much of the day-to-day work being done online. As a result, many office workers are seeing increased opportunities to work remotely. It’s a popular perk that gives employees an extra measure of control over their already hectic work-life balance. Last year, a Gallup poll found […]


Former FBI Head Has Identity Stolen

If there’s one thing that has become clear in this era of increasing identity theft, it’s that anyone can be targeted at any time. And, yes, even the top government official tasked with tracking and apprehending criminals can find himself on the receiving end of a sophisticated hack. reports that Peter Locsin, a 35-year-old […]


Calculating the Emotional Impact of Identity Theft

Identity theft is, unfortunately, quite common, and is becoming more prevalent each year. The Identity Theft Resource Center estimates that more than 10.7 million people are affected by ID theft annually, and concludes that the crime was at least three times as common as any other non-violent offenses in the U.S. Every day, there is […]


Selfie And Emoji Passwords – Are They Secure?

From Facebook and Twitter to Amazon and mobile banks, consumers have to punch in passwords to do just about anything online. According to a survey of 10,000 people, commissioned by MasterCard and conducted by Norstat, consumers are prompted to enter their passwords as many as eight times a day. As this count adds up, however, […]


How To Respond To A Data Breach At Your Child’s School

For parents, your relationship with your child’s school is based on trust – trust that your child will be kept safe, trust that that he or she will have ample opportunity to learn, trust that the school and its teachers will set a positive example for your child. This confidence is the only reason parents […]


Why You Should Dust Off – And Delete – Your Old Accounts

Take a peek in the furthest corner of your garage, behind the boxes of old toys in your attic or beneath the crumpled clothes at the bottom of your closet – what will you find? A dusty 8-track player? A forgotten pile of Beanie Babies? A faded pair of bell-bottom jeans? We all tend to […]


How Secure Is Your Medical Data?

Just as it has transformed countless other aspects of our lives, technology is in the process of revolutionizing the way we receive health care. Today, email and telehealth systems give patients unprecedented access to their doctors, and electronic health records allow physicians to collaborate remotely on tricky diagnoses and treatments. While these innovations have improved […]

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