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What You Can Learn From These Recent Massive Hacks

The internet has been abuzz with two recent massive hacks: one that breached social media relic MySpace and the other that potentially exposed 32 million accounts on microblogging platform Twitter. While both websites navigate how to correct these incidents, users aren’t left with a lot of answers. However, there are some important lessons from these […]


Misdiagnosed With Medical Identity Theft

If you’re like most consumers, when you imagine identity theft you picture someone opening credit cards in your name or spending unscrupulously on your accounts. If you’re like the millions of Americans who have been targeted by medical identity theft, however, you might have a very different sense of the crime. In the case of […]


Think Twice Before Clicking ‘Unsubscribe’

Over time, nearly everyone’s email inbox starts to get cluttered. Think about how many websites require your email address just to sign up. Online retailers, news publications, software programs and even games all use your email address as an identifier, one that conveniently gives them the information they need to send you updates and promotional […]


Don’t Let Your ID Theft Protection Efforts Take A Break

With school out of session and upcoming vacations, summertime is like a little break from reality. However, while you’re kicking back and relaxing, don’t let your identity theft protection efforts fall by the wayside. You need to be proactive all year long to make sure you aren’t vulnerable to certain threats. Here are some ways […]


Watch Out For These Free Hotel Scams This Travel Season

During the sunny summer months, many people finally tap into their store of vacation days, taking time off to travel. Whether they’re crossing the country for a friend’s wedding or setting out someplace warm for a relaxing getaway, these trips often bring consumers in and out of hotels, which can eat up a significant amount […]


Virtual Assistants May Threaten Your Children’s Privacy

First, we controlled our computers with buttons. Then, mobile devices were equipped with highly accurate touch screens and the app became king. Now, it is becoming increasingly clear that the future will be voice activated. Some of the world’s largest tech companies – namely, Google, Apple and Amazon – are racing to improve the performance […]


Don’t Let Cybercriminals Intercept Your Identity During Fantasy Football

Some people refer to August as the “Sunday of the summer” because of its position as the last full month before fall. For football fans, however, this status is nothing to lament, since Sunday is game day and August is when the first pre-season whistles begin to sound. For those who can’t quite make it […]


GAO: IRS Not Doing Enough to Stop Breaches

Though the IRS has taken several steps in recent years to curb the rise of identity theft through fraudulent tax returns, the agency may not be doing enough to keep people safe, argues a new report from the Government Accountability Office. Though tax season is still many months away, it is important for all filers […]


Will Your Babysitter Protect Your Child’s Identity?

We’ve written before about the many steps that parents should take to protect their children from ID theft . However, it’s important to remember that you will not always be immediately available to watch the kids. Eventually, you’ll go to work, or have a date night with your significant other. When you call a babysitter, […]


Airbnb Hosts May Face ID Theft Risks

Looking to make some extra cash? Have a spare bedroom, or even an empty dwelling? You may be considering renting out your home or apartment on a temporary basis through an online rental site, such as the increasingly popular Airbnb. Airbnb’s system is relatively simple. First, you set up an account and create a listing […]


Who To Call When Identity Theft Strikes

When identity theft strikes, many victims default to a state of panic. They worry about losing their hard-earned savings, their financial independence, and the countless hours they’ll have to spend repairing their credit. After all, identity theft ranks among America’s top ten biggest fears, according to a widely cited study by Chapman University. While the […]


How to Report a Privacy Violation

On this blog, we typically offer tips for protecting your identity, helping you maintain your privacy in today’s world. However, despite our best laid plans, it is impossible to completely safeguard your personal information, no matter how diligent you may be. Whether you suspect your identity has been stolen, someone has committed credit fraud in […]

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