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Reflect on Identity Theft during National Crime Victims’ Rights Week

There’s no shortage of dates, occasions and holidays to keep track of this month, but the week of April 6-12 merits some special recognition. In the 1980s, then-President Ronald Reagan denoted a seven-day stretch in April – always on different dates, but in the same month – as National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, to promote […]


Never Forget Another Password

Everyone has their own system for remembering the usernames and passwords of the websites we use on a daily basis. Some keep passwords saved in files on their computer, others use sticky notes, and now they even make travel size notebooks specifically for logging all of your online account details to carry with you at […]


5 Steps to Creating Strong Passwords

With the recent Heartbleed announcement, it’s more important than ever to be sure you’re following best practices for strong, secure passwords. A strong password is long, is not easily guessed, and is only used on one website. Here’s 5 steps to help you create your passwords today. Start by thinking of a phrase only you […]


Heartbleed Hype Revealed: The 3 Things You Need to Know

With so much news about the Heartbleed bug, it has become difficult to differentiate between what’s just media hype and what you should actually be concerned about. So we’ve pulled together some information and resources to help clear up the noise for you. What is Heartbleed Heartbleed is a security bug found in OpenSSL, the […]


Take Advantage of Financial Literacy Month to Better Understand Your Credit

It’s safe to say that many Americans nowadays are facing some kind of financial hardship. Even with the economy slowly but surely improving from the days of the recession, millions of people throughout the country are contending with some kind of fiscal difficulty. In fact, according to a recent USA Today article, a whopping 48 […]


8 More Tips to Help Home Buyers Avoid Identity Theft

One of the fastest growing crimes in America today is identity theft, largely because of the increasingly digital manner in which people live their lives and conduct their business. After all, the reason a data breach and credit card theft at a major company like Target has proven so damaging is precisely because so many […]


Heartbleed Bug FAQ’s for Identity Guard Members

The Heartbleed Bug There has been a lot of news about the Heartbleed bug so we’ve pulled together some information to help clear up some of the noise. We want to assure our customers that Identity Guard is not and was not susceptible to Heartbleed. For more information, keep reading! What is Heartbleed? Heartbleed is […]


3 Identity Theft Protection Tips for Home Buyers

Buying a house – particularly if it’s your first one – is a major milestone in anyone’s life. While being a homeowner is neither easy or cheap, it’s an exciting prospect that allows an even greater degree of control over your life. After all, when you own the property, you no longer need to answer […]


It’s the 100th Day of 2014 – Have You Checked Your Credit Report Yet?

In case you haven’t been counting, April 10 is day number 100 for 2014. For Presidents, this is a pretty significant milestone, as those first 100 days are typically when they try to get as much of their new policies enacted as possible (and have the momentum from the election to do so). But for […]


Can Buying a House Put You at Risk for Identity Theft?

Data breaches and cyber theft aren’t new occurrences, but they can sure feel like it given how frequently high-profile cases have been making headlines lately. The retail giant Target fell victim to hackers last December, who were able to procure personal information and credit card numbers from as many as 110 million customers during the […]


What is Identity Theft Insurance Worth to You?

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America, and unfortunately that trend doesn’t look to be reversing course anytime soon. With billions of dollars paid each year in phony tax refunds, and major companies like Target and Neiman Marcus falling prey to cyber thieves and data breaches, the frequency of ID theft […]

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