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New Bill Seeks To Protect ID Theft Victims

A new bill passed by the House will work to prevent identity theft as well as help its victims. Titled “Stolen Identity Refund Fraud Prevention Act of 2016,” it was introduced by Rep. Jim Renacci (R-OH) and approved by the Ways and Means Committee in April, before its passing in the House in May. Next, […]


Is Your Social Media Use Harming Your Security?

For some of us, social media is the center of our lives. It’s where we share and experience major personal moments and those of our friends and family. However, some of our habits on these sites have the potential to put us at risk for fraud and identity theft. To help you avoid those consequences, […]


Security Concerns Push Users Away From Web

It seems like everyone is a little more on edge about data breaches and online security these days, and understandably so, considering certain incidents in the past year. It seems that these fears are even stronger than we may realize, though. Online behavior hampered by privacy concerns A recent survey from the National Telecommunications and […]


Top 10 States for Identity Theft

Last year, identity theft ranked among the most frequently reported consumer complaints across the nation. Accounting for as much as 16 percent of the more than 3 million complaints processed by the Federal Trade Commission in 2015, ID theft ranked second only to debt collection scams as the leading consumer complaint in 2015. Despite losing […]


Are Students Being Taught About Cybersecurity?

Young people today are arguably more tech-savvy than any previous generation. They grew up in an era when the internet has always existed, and when rapidly improving computers have revolutionized the way we work, play and live our lives. But just because they are more familiar with computers than their parents and grandparents doesn’t mean […]


Can Tor Improve My Online Security?

As the old saying goes, if you’re not the customer, you’re the product. This has never been more true than on the internet. While you casually browse websites and connect with your friends on social media, information about you is being collected in ways that you never imagined. A great deal of it is used […]


To Shred, Or Not To Shred? That Is The Question

Perhaps you’ve received a lot of important mail lately, or maybe it’s time to do some serious cleaning of your home office. Either way, you should be thinking about how to safely dispose of your documents. While much attention is paid to major, high-profile data breaches at large institutions that affect millions of account holders, […]


Europe’s Web Privacy Rules Could Change Things for Everyone

Do people have the right to be forgotten? This may sound like a strange question, but it is a growing consideration for internet users around the world. After all, much as we might like to think that we live private lives, the truth is that a lot of your personal information is readily accessible to […]


Ohio Considers Law to Block Child Identity Theft

While adults with active credit cards, mortgages and car loans may worry far more about identity theft than their carefree children, research shows children are far from immune to the crime. In fact, as many as 1 in 40 families with children under the age of 18 have had at least one kid fall victim […]


3 Major Identity Fraud Trends In The Past Year

Approaching the halfway point of 2016, it seems like an appropriate time to reflect on some of the trends in identity fraud – both negative and positive – that have appeared in the past year. Here, we break down the three most important ones and how they can affect your personal security going forward: Privacy […]


How Long After A Data Breach Should You Be Concerned?

In the last year, we’ve seen major data breaches hit large organizations and expose the sensitive data of millions of consumers. This has put many in a frightening position, because there isn’t always certainty in how to proceed after a breach. In many cases, the aftermath is messy and victims often feel helpless. However, there […]


Verizon Enterprise Breach Exposes 1.5 Million Corporate Contacts

For the last decade, Verizon Enterprise Solutions has helped countless businesses improve their digital security. In fact, the company reports it serves as many as 99 percent of the Fortune 1000, providing a variety of cloud and mobility products as well as the tools and infrastructure to keep them safe. A leader in the digital […]

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