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How Safe Are Mobile Wallet Services?

In the interest of convenience and creating multi-purpose devices, major mobile phone companies have begun offering payment or wallet-like services to their customers. Applications like Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Android Pay and Samsung Pay have flooded the market in the past couple of years and given consumers the technology to make credit and debit card […]


The Danger Of “Do Not Reply” Email Addresses

If you’re interested in more protection from identity theft, beware of e-mail address that come from “do not reply” or automated domains. While they could be perfectly harmless, it’s best to follow their directions and do not reply because you don’t know who has access to it. Chipotle, which may make more secure burritos than […]


New “Scam Tracker” Can Help Crack Down On Online Fraud

In an effort to prevent the spread of online scams and improve protect your identity for consumers, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has launched a free online resource that allows its users to both track and report malicious activity and fraud on the Internet. The “Scam Tracker” is now being used by all 12 bureaus […]


Smallest Purchases Can Lead to ID Theft

A report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics found that an increasing number of consumers receive information about potential data breaches from their financial institutions or debt collectors. Forty-five percent of identity theft victims said they learned about the incident from their financial institution, while only 18 percent noticed the fraudulent charges on their own. […]


5 Ways To Stay Safe From Online Job Scams

The Internet can be a great resource for job hunting and helps a lot of people find employment, but just as with any other part of the Internet, cons are rampant and certain precautions are needed to protect your identity. Job scams seem to all be the same, usually involving a fake check and convincing […]


IRS Helps ID Theft Victims Track Fraudulent Filings

Even early-birds who make a habit of filing their tax returns long before the deadline likely won’t start thinking about it for a few months. However, they may want to pay attention to this: the Internal Revenue Service has recently taken steps to help all tax filers recover more easily if they become victims of […]


Why Medical Identity Theft Is On The Rise

Health insurance plans are indispensable. They allow us to get the care we need for less. However, in the data breach era we now live in, they also make us incredibly vulnerable to ID theft. Earlier in 2015, nearly 92 million records were exposed when three Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plans became the victims […]


Many ID Theft Scams Target Military Personnel

Members of the military, particularly active duty personnel who are stationed overseas, have plenty to think about while serving. This means that they may not be paying as much attention to aspects of their home life, such as their credit. Unfortunately, such an oversight puts them at a higher risk of identity theft. In 2013, […]


“Functionality Creep” Explains Why Your SSN Is Everywhere

You’ve had your Social Security card your whole life. You’ve used it every time you’ve gotten on the payroll at a new job, among other common and mundane tasks that require verification of your identity. On the hierarchy of valuable information for identity thieves, Social Security information ranks high because so much of your personal […]


43 Percent of Companies Report They’ve Had a Data Breach

With more of our daily activities moved online, the Internet continues to create vulnerabilities for data breaches, security hacks and the growing cases of identity theft. According to an annual survey by the Ponemon Institute, 43 percent of respondents said their company experienced a data breach and 60 percent say their company had more than […]


3 Ways To Help Your Teen Increase Identity Protection

Anyone at any age can become a victim of identity theft. In fact, identity thieves value younger targets because of their clean credit and because of how long it can take younger victims to figure out that their identity was ever stolen. As a parent or guardian of a teenager, helping your child understand the […]


Small Real Estate Companies Are Targets Of Online Scams

The Internet has revolutionized so much of how we conduct business, especially real estate. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently reported that over 90 percent of real estate firms have websites and that 43 percent of buyers begin their search for a new home on the web. These conveniences do not come without risk, […]

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