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OPM Data Breach Actually Affected 22 Million

Last month, we shared with you the shocking news that the federal Office of Personnel Management (OPM) had been compromised in a data breach. Initial estimates of the damage indicated that the personal data — including names, Social Security numbers and government security clearances — of up to 4 million past and present federal workers […]


What Do Identity Thieves Look for in a Potential Victim?

In his legendary military treatise “The Art of War,” Sun Tzu wrote about how knowing your enemy and yourself would guarantee victory in any situation. And while he may have been speaking to an audience concerned with waging and winning wars, it’s a principle that holds true in many other areas of life as well […]


Medical Identity Theft Threatens Seniors

Previously, we’ve written about the steep risk of medical identity theft and the costs that victims suffer. A new study shows that the threat not only still exists, but has in fact increased. According to a recent report by Healthcare IT News, medical identity theft has reached an all-time high. The news source cited a […]


Even Small Businesses Are At Risk For Data Breaches

Data breaches at major retailers have been all over the news lately. Last year, for example, Home Depot suffered a breach that affected 56 million debit cards and credit cards. The year before that, Target was the victim of a breach that compromised 40 million cards. It is clear that identity thieves target major retail […]


IRS To Create Stronger Protections For Tax Filer Information

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) continues to deal with the aftermath of a significant data breach that occurred this year, when 104,000 tax filers had their information compromised. By using the IRS’s “Get Transcript” online system, thieves were able to order copies of other filers’ tax returns through the use of personal data, such as […]


IRS Breach Concerns Taxpayers

Few documents contain more of a person’s sensitive personal data than a tax return. When Americans file their returns with the IRS every April, they expect the agency to keep their information secure. But this wasn’t the case for 104,000 people who filed this year. At the end of May, the IRS admitted that thieves […]


Medical Identity Theft Can Wreak Havoc on Victims’ Lives

While the world is slowly becoming more savvy about identity theft protection, there are still areas where we leave ourselves vulnerable. Most people don’t realize that medical identity theft is even a crime until they become a victim of it. According to Ponemon Institute’s 2015 Fifth Annual Study on Medical Identity Theft the number of […]


Data Breach at UC Irvine Medical Center Could Affect Almost 5,000 Patients

Nearly 5,000 patients of the University of California, Irvine Medical Center may be at risk of identity theft, thanks to a recently announced data breach. The Los Angeles Times reports that the hospital discovered the breach this past March, determining that one of its employees had gained access to the medical records of 4,859 patients. […]


What Should Victims Do After a Data Breach?

Data breaches seem to become more commonplace, with the announcement of new breaches coming every month. According to Juniper Research the global cost of data breaches will be a staggering $2.1 trillion by 2019. Their report, entitled “The Future of Cybercrime & Security: Financial and Corporate Threats & Mitigation”, states that the majority of these […]


Staying Safe Online to Lower Risk of Identity Theft

Today the internet is inextricably woven into almost every aspect of our lives. We communicate through it, entertain ourselves, stay abreast of current news, read, work, shop, pay bills — if you can think of it, the internet can probably help you do it. The convenience and speed of these services are wonderful and make […]


Identity Theft Exploits the Dead

Many of us realize that identity theft is a major problem. And as with most problems in life, we naturally assume that identity theft stops being a problem after death. Unfortunately, criminals don’t stop stealing identities just because their intended victim has passed away. The crime can haunt families and friends long after the deceased […]