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Virtual Assistants May Threaten Your Children’s Privacy

First, we controlled our computers with buttons. Then, mobile devices were equipped with highly accurate touch screens and the app became king. Now, it is becoming increasingly clear that the future will be voice activated. Some of the world’s largest tech companies – namely, Google, Apple and Amazon – are racing to improve the performance […]


Don’t Let Cybercriminals Intercept Your Identity During Fantasy Football

Some people refer to August as the “Sunday of the summer” because of its position as the last full month before fall. For football fans, however, this status is nothing to lament, since Sunday is game day and August is when the first pre-season whistles begin to sound. For those who can’t quite make it […]


GAO: IRS Not Doing Enough to Stop Breaches

Though the IRS has taken several steps in recent years to curb the rise of identity theft through fraudulent tax returns, the agency may not be doing enough to keep people safe, argues a new report from the Government Accountability Office. Though tax season is still many months away, it is important for all filers […]


Will Your Babysitter Protect Your Child’s Identity?

We’ve written before about the many steps that parents should take to protect their children from ID theft . However, it’s important to remember that you will not always be immediately available to watch the kids. Eventually, you’ll go to work, or have a date night with your significant other. When you call a babysitter, […]


Airbnb Hosts May Face ID Theft Risks

Looking to make some extra cash? Have a spare bedroom, or even an empty dwelling? You may be considering renting out your home or apartment on a temporary basis through an online rental site, such as the increasingly popular Airbnb. Airbnb’s system is relatively simple. First, you set up an account and create a listing […]


Who To Call When Identity Theft Strikes

When identity theft strikes, many victims default to a state of panic. They worry about losing their hard-earned savings, their financial independence, and the countless hours they’ll have to spend repairing their credit. After all, identity theft ranks among America’s top ten biggest fears, according to a widely cited study by Chapman University. While the […]


How to Report a Privacy Violation

On this blog, we typically offer tips for protecting your identity, helping you maintain your privacy in today’s world. However, despite our best laid plans, it is impossible to completely safeguard your personal information, no matter how diligent you may be. Whether you suspect your identity has been stolen, someone has committed credit fraud in […]


How ID Thieves Are Using Phone Accounts To Conduct Fraud

A new type of identity theft is now affecting consumers across the country, and it’s targeting the devices in their pockets. By focusing their efforts on consumers’ phone accounts, identity thieves hope to ease their path to financial fraud. Here’s how: When a bank or creditor detects possible fraud on your account, what do they […]


Are Pokémon GO Players Risking Identity Theft?

Are you ready to catch ’em all? Last week, software developer Niantic released Pokémon GO, an all-new mobile installment of the long-running Nintendo franchise. If you spent most of the late ’90s hunched over your Game Boy in pursuit of these little pocket monsters, you’ll definitely want to check out this app, which allows players […]


Two-Factor Verification: Is It Good Enough?

Keeping your online accounts secure is crucial for protecting yourself against the threat of identity theft. Unfortunately, thieves have many different avenues they can take to compromise your security. If your Facebook profile gets breached, a stranger could have easy access to your name, age and information about where you live and your family status. […]


Why You Should Use a Password Manager

On any given day, you might check your email, spend a few minutes scrolling through Instagram, review your bank statement and check the status of your latest order from Amazon. For that matter, you might do all of that before lunchtime! Every one of those accounts, and the dozens more you’re bound to log into […]


How To Act Against An Impostor Facebook Profile

Facebook and other social media have become so ingrained in our daily lives that they feel like an extension of our identities, if not an actual part of them. In the same way more official aspects of our identity, like our Social Security Numbers, can be stolen, so can our Facebook profiles. These kinds of […]

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