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Microsoft Takes On Government In Defense Of Data Privacy

After Apple and the FBI put the digital privacy debate front and center, Microsoft has also stepped in to take a stand. On April 14, the tech company sued the Justice Department for what it believes is the unconstitutional bar on tech companies that currently prevents them from disclosing when federal agents access certain customer […]


Why Consumers Should Know About Bank Teller ID Theft

The cases sound like elaborate bank heists in movies, but the rise of bank tellers stealing identities and draining big bank accounts is very much a reality. In the age of electronic banking and ATMS, tellers aren’t as necessary as they used to be and are often receiving lower wages because of it, which may […]


Why The IRS Shut Down Its ID Theft Protection Tool

Though the Internal Revenue Service has made strides in cracking down on tax fraud and identity theft, enacting several extra defenses it said would be “invisible” to the taxpayer, the agency has had a recent security setback. On March 7, the IRS announced the temporary suspension of the Identity Protect PIN tool, citing a need […]


Social Media Security, Part 5: Tumblr

Tumblr is a social media network with a focus on brevity. Billed as a “microblogging” platform, the service offers its users a space to create short text posts, along with photos, gifs and videos. With < a href="" title="Tumblr's Active Users" target="_blank">30-50 million active users, Tumblr has a wide variety of accounts. Some are quite […]


Why Residents in Florida and Missouri Are More Vulnerable to ID Theft

It turns out the states are not so united when it comes to reported cases of identity theft. The Consumer Sentinel Network recently analyzed identity theft cases across the nation, looking at different demographical qualities, including location. Missouri topped the ID theft list with 364.3 complaints per 100,000 people and a total of 22,164 complaints […]


Why Privacy Matters

We live in a world where seemingly everything is public. We regularly post details about our private lives on social media for all to see. In fact, so much of our information is already online that it is generally fairly easy to find someone with a quick Google search. There’s no sign that this trend […]


Take Stock of Your Security During National Financial Literacy Month

Studies have long shown that many Americans lack basic financial skills. For example, a Gallup poll found that 57 percent of U.S. adults are financially illiterate, meaning they do not understand concepts like compound interest, investing and saving. Part of the problem is that many schools give brief, incomplete introductions to financial education, leaving students […]


How Much Does Google Know About You?

Using Google can help you discover new information and learn more every day, but did you know that the search engine is also learning about you in the process? Since 2009, Google has allowed users to check on most of the information that it tracks via the “Dashboard” tool, and early in 2015, the company […]


How Does Keylogging Malware Work?

Perhaps the most worrisome form of malware, keylogging can be installed on a machine without a user’s knowledge – and track all sorts of sensitive information. By monitoring each keystroke on a specific computer, keylogging has become a popular way for fraudsters to commit identity theft. How keylogging malware is used With these keystrokes, thieves […]


Social Media Security, Part 4: LinkedIn

Most social media websites exist to keep us connected with our family and friends, and to allow us to share and consume media easier than ever before. But there’s a time for play, and then there’s a time for work. LinkedIn is the social network for the professional looking to get ahead in a competitive […]


Social Media Security, Part 3: Instagram

Instagram, the social network for photo and video sharing, is technically owned by Facebook and has been since 2012. But it would be a mistake for users to confuse the two. Instagram stands on its own, offering users something unique – the ability to share high-resolution media with specific tags that their friends can search […]


Social Media Security, Part 2: Twitter

Of all the social media networks, Twitter offers its users the broadest reach and the most level playing field. Anyone can tweet messages at their friends, strangers, celebrities and even the President of the United States. Often, they’ll receive a reply. But there’s a catch. All tweets are limited to 140 characters – a relic […]

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