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13 Tips for a Safe Tax Season

by Identity Guard on

It’s that time of the year again — tax season. Once again, Intersections Inc. has compiled a list of our top 13 recommendations and tips to keep you safe during tax season and keep the bad guys from stealing your personal information.

According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), more than 140 million individual tax returns will be received this year with the majority of those refunds being submitted electronically. With all of your personal information floating around out there during this time of year, criminals will use all sorts of scams and schemes to either forcibly gain access to this information or con taxpayers into willingly and unknowingly handing it over.

“Tax season scams are nothing new and the ones we’ve seen so far this year are a predictable rehash of previous years,” said Intersections Inc.’s Consumer Security Adviser, Neal O’Farrell. “What consumers will really need to watch out for are more clever variations of these scams that are more likely to catch them off guard such as the IRS informing consumers they can expedite their refunds if they submit bank account and routing information. Most of the scams will come in the form of email or phone messages but consumers should remain vigilant that some scams can still come in the form of snail mail.”

The IRS has been warning the public and is forcibly cracking down on scammers this season. However, the best defense is for you to be extremely vigilant and safeguard your personal information.

Here are 13 tips for staying safe during this tax season.