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Five Ways We Help Protect Your Identity

1. Protection for your Credit:

  • Ongoing scanning for credit applications submitted in your name‚ including retail credit cards‚ cell phone accounts‚ new mortgages and loans
  • Ongoing monitoring of all three credit bureaus for maximum credit file security
  • Quarterly updates with 3 credit scores* based on data from Equifax®‚ Experian® and TransUnion®
  • Email alerts to promptly notify you of certain changes in your credit files recorded every business day at the credit bureaus

2. Protection for your Internet:

  • Ongoing surveillance of the Internet’s financial black markets known to be frequented by identity thieves
  • Patented Internet scanning technology helps alert you if your Social Security number‚ registered credit cards and bank account numbers are available in non-secure locations online
  • Monitoring for changes to publicly available information which‚ if inaccurate or compromised by identity thieves‚ can cause you to be denied credit or employment
  • Access to your personal publicly available information‚ conveniently organized into a single report

3. Protection for your Computer:

  • Save $100s with antivirus‚ anti-spyware and firewall software with ZoneAlarm® Internet Security Suite‚ free for the life of your Identity Guard® enrollment
  • For an added layer of security‚ encrypt every keystroke while you browse the Internet with PrivacyProtect® software to prevent keyloggers from stealing your information

4. Protection for when you’re On-the-Go:

  • Connect to Wi-Fi hotspots with your laptop protected from keyloggers
  • Lost wallet protection. No need to register or remember all of your credit card numbers. One phone call to us‚ and we’ll help cancel your credit card accounts plus give you access for up to $2‚000 emergency cash from your account.
  • Notification of certain changes to your credit files‚ public records personal data on the Internet sent by text message directly to your cell phone

5. And for added peace of mind if the “unthinkable” does happen:

  • Dedicated identity theft recovery unit that guides you through the process of recovery should you become a victim
  • Unlimited toll-free personal customer service with access to credit education specialists
  • Identity Guard® $1 million loss reimbursement insurance**. If identity thieves steal your money‚ we will help you cover your losses.

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