By Special Arrangement with:

How to activate your complimentary identity theft protection:

  1. Click the 'Activate Now' button to sign up for your Identity Guard® account
  2. Complete a quick enrollment form
  3. Verify your identity so we can be sure it's really you
  4. Access your account

Complimentary ID Theft Protection for 6 MONTHS

As a member of Member Headquarters, you are entitled to a 6-month free subscription. At the end of your free subscription, unless you choose to enhance your level of service, your Identity Guard® service will automatically end, and you will NOT be billed.

Why we need your credit card even though the service is free

Although we will collect credit card information in order to verify and validate you, we will NOT automatically bill you at the end of the complimentary period. We provide identity and credit protection services — your information is safe and secure with us.

Here's what you get:


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