Breaches exposed over 160 million personal records in 2015 alone.1

Protecting Yourself After a Data Breach

How does Identity Guard® help protect you?

Credit ProtectionGet 3-bureau credit report and score* updates — with ongoing scanning of credit and account applications, paired with email, text or phone alerts to you.

Online Monitoring and AlertsWe'll then monitor the black markets of the internet, alerting you if your Social Security Number, credit cards or registered bank account numbers are found on non-secure locations online.

Support and RecoveryIf you discover a breach of your identity, you'll have immediate support from a dedicated theft recovery unit to guide you through recovering your identity.

Identity Guard® Customer Reviews

As more records move to online platforms and hackers continue to develop more sophisticated cyberattacks, we can only expect more compromised records. Identity Guard® will be there for you.

  • SSN monitoring helps detect when someone attempts to use your SSN to open a fraudulent account.
  • Credit monitoring can help detect identity theft with alerts about credit inquiries or new account openings.
  • Some data breaches result in records published online. Our products search the internet for evidence that your information, such as a bank account number, is appearing in certain unsecured areas. We then send you a notification.
  • ID Verification Alerts lets you know we've detected updates to your current accounts such as address changes so you can confirm the activity is valid.

Any time we detect certain activity that may indicate fraud we notify you. You also have access to personal recovery assistance and up to $1 million** in identity theft insurance. Now you can more actively manage the threats to your identity and your future.

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