It may be the most valuable part of your identity, making it a prime target for identity thieves.

How Safe is Your SSN?

How does Identity Guard® help protect you?

Credit ProtectionGet 3-bureau credit report and score* updates — with ongoing scanning of credit and account applications, paired with email, text or phone alerts to you.

Online Monitoring and AlertsWe'll then monitor the black markets of the internet, alerting you if your Social Security Number, credit cards or registered bank account numbers are found on non-secure locations online.

Support and RecoveryIf you discover a breach of your identity, you'll have immediate support from a dedicated theft recovery unit to guide you through recovering your identity.

Why choose Identity Guard®?

With over 5,0001 data breaches in the past decade, millions of Social Security numbers may have found their way into the hand of identity thieves. How can you help keep yours safe? That’s where Identity Guard® comes in.

  • Total Protection can detect if your SSN appears in certain unsecured areas of the Internet. We scour numerous black market sites to detect whether your social is being shared.
  • We also monitor your credit files to detect when there are credit inquires, new credit accounts opened, new public records, address changes or changes to existing accounts—all occurrences that could indicate someone is misusing your identity.
  • Our public records monitoring provides your with a report of public records about you and can alert you to certain activity, for example if someone obtains a driver's license with your SSN.

And should the unthinkable happen, you'll have access to our U.S. based team of personal recovery assistants and up to $1 million** in identity theft insurance.

See why protecting your Social Security Number is crucial.