How does Identity Guard® help protect you?

Credit Protection Get credit report and score* updates — with ongoing scanning of credit and account applications, paired with email, text and phone alerts to you.

Online Monitoring and Alerts We’ll then monitor numerous black markets of the internet, alerting you if your Social Security Number, credit cards or bank account numbers are found on non-secure locations online.

Support and Recovery If you discover a breach of your identity, you’ll have support from a dedicated theft recovery unit to guide you through recovering your identity.

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Identity Guard® Customer Reviews

Amy H. September 14, 2015

Satisfied Customer

After numerous incidents, I can say I’m more at ease thanks to Identity Guard. I am happy to get those alerts. Great job and excellent service!!

Tiffany J. July 28, 2015

I will stay with Identity Guard

I have used a couple of other services similar to Identity Guard, but they are not as thorough and dependable. I will be staying with Identity Guard!

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What are the chances?

For 12.7 million Americans, 2014 was not a good year. Their identities were stolen. How do you protect yourself from identity theft? Where would you turn if you needed help?

As a provider of recovery services, we will provide assistance from highly trained agents who are 100% committed to making a stressful situation and recovery as easy as it can possibly be.

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