How Credit Alert Services Can Help Prevent Identity Theft

Although agencies like the IRS have become increasingly proficient at spotting and thwarting identity thieves, there is still, unfortunately, no 100 percent foolproof method of identity theft prevention. The best one can do to reduce their risk of becoming this growing crime's latest victim is to take up as many protective measures ahead of time, making it less likely for ID thieves to get their hands on your personal information.

Of course, even if an identity thief does somehow manage to hijack credentials like your bank account information or Social Security number, you're far from a lost cause. Subscribing to a credit alert service can go a long way in recovering from the damage done by hackers and identity thieves.

Should errors or certain (and potentially fraudulent) types of transactions or credit lines be charged to your financial history, a credit alert service will notify you when certain changes occur, paving the way for you to take more effective action. From there, you can file an initial credit fraud alert with any of the three credit reporting bureaus - TransUnion, Experian and Equifax - to make it known that you believe you have become the victim of ID theft.

With this kind of information provided regularly by a credit alert service, you could save yourself time and money - not to mention countless stressful hours - spent agonizing over recouping any ID-theft related losses and undoing the damage done to your credit history. The best method of identity protection is staying one step ahead of ID thieves, and a credit alert service can help you do exactly that.