Credit Card Fraud Alerts

Are you signed-up to receive notifications from you bank or credit card provider when your card has been used irregularly? These alerts can tell you if your card number has been used outside your normal pattern, in a different country or state, or even if it’s an unusually large amount. Credit card fraud alerts are a good way to keep an eye on a specific card, but if you want to keep an overall watch on your credit files, credit monitoring is the way you want to go.

The difference between alerts and monitoring

Many credit card companies and banks have credit card fraud alerts in place, but that only applies to that specific financial institution. While it’s easy to manage your cards individually, this limited access to your overall financial picture could allow you to miss other fraud.

This is where credit monitoring comes in handy. A credit monitoring service can monitor your credit files on an ongoing basis, working daily to look for activity that may be considered fraud. If such activity appears, it will promptly send you a notification, allowing you to react appropriately.

Credit monitoring can also help you keep track of information changes on your credit files with the three major bureaus. And, depending on the level of service, it can also provide you with credit reports on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

Double down on protection

Working with public records and dark web monitoring, identity theft products can expand on the benefits gained through credit monitoring. Unfortunately, there is not sure-fire way to prevent identity theft, but you can help yourself protect your identity and privacy by getting protected with Identity Guard. Find the right Identity Guard product to fit your lifestyle today.