Credit Card Fraud Protection

The convenience of credit cards is frequently taken advantage of in today's digital world. Individuals may have their credit card information saved to multiple online shopping sites, or they keep their 16 digit number and security code saved somewhere in their phone. Unfortunately, these features not only make your life more convenient, but they make it more convenient for criminals to steal your information. Although full protection may not be possible, there are different day-to-day activities that can help you protect yourself from credit card fraud.

Preventative Measures

Keeping your credit card out of the hands of identity thieves can save you from a lot of potential financial damages. Here are some ways that you can protect yourself:

  • Avoid using credit cards on a public network - Public Wi-Fi can leave you susceptible to identity theft. Because it is difficult to know who has access to a public network, thieves may be able to steal your information without you knowing.
  • Be mindful of using publicly available credit card readers - Credit card readers like the kind that you can find at an ATM or on a gas pump are sometimes targeted by thieves. By attaching a skimmer, a small, subtle device that it superimposed on a card reader, criminals can magnetically steal you information.
  • Delete digital copies of your card information - Keeping a picture of your credit card, or any personal ID for that matter, may be convenient when you need to enter your information while online shopping, but if stolen, your phone could be a thief's ticket to your financial accounts.

Technological Help from Professionals

If you are looking for a more comprehensive solution, Identity Guard® can help you with credit card fraud protection. With online black marketing monitoring, we monitoring the Internet 24/7 to see if your personal information - Social Security number or registered credit cards are detected on black market websites, secret chat rooms, and underground forums. If we find something, we send you a fast notification. In addition, the service also includes anti-virus, password protection, keystroke encryption, and more. Identity guard helps protect what makes you…↑you. Get protected today!