How to Protect Yourself From Credit Card Fraud

With the ability to save credit cards on smart phones or multiple online shopping sites, it’s growing harder to keep your credit card number safe and secret. While the services that allow for quick pay make your life easier, they may also make you more vulnerable to the risk of credit card theft and fraud. Full protection for your credit cards may not be possible, but there are many day-to-day actions you can take to help protect yourself from credit card fraud.

Preventative Measures

Learning how to keep your credit card out of the hands of an identity thief is the first battle. It can help prevent the effects of identity theft, such as potential financial damages or damage to personal reputation.  Here are a few ways you can help protect yourself:

  • Avoid using credit cards on a public network – Public Wi-Fi could leave you susceptible to identity theft, because it is difficult to know who has access to a public network. Thieves may access the servers, same as you, but be able to view or steal your information without your knowledge.
  • Be mindful of skimmers – Credit card readers, the kinds found at an ATM or on a gas pump are sometimes targeted by thieves. By attaching a skimmer, a subtle device that is placed over or within a card reader, criminals can steal you information credit card information via the magnetic strip.
  • Secure digital copies of your card – Storing a picture of your credit card may be convenient when you need to enter your information while online shopping. However if you misplace your phone, it acts as an all access pass to your credit cards and identity. Using one of the many mobile payment apps or security apps can help you carry your credit information around without risking your identity.

Credit monitoring can help

If you are looking for a more comprehensive solution, Identity Guard can help. With credit monitoring and online black market monitoring and more, you can receive ongoing credit monitoring for certain activity that may be indicative of fraud. If we this type of activity, we send you a prompt notification, allowing you to take action. To better monitor your personal and financial information, consider signing up with Identity Guard.