Identity Guard® and Credit KarmaTM

With identity theft becoming more and more prevalent, both in America and around the world, there's no time like now to begin investing seriously in identity theft protection. While there are plenty of smart choices you can make on your own to reduce your chances of becoming an ID theft victim, one of the smartest and safest options is to simply use a comprehensive monitoring service.

There are plenty of identity protection packages to choose from but they don't all offer the same amount of coverage. Below, take a look at some of the merits offered by Identity Guard® and Credit KarmaTM.

Credit Karma

With Credit Karma, you're able to update your credit score every 7 days from TransUnion® and Equifax®, two of the country's three major credit reporting bureaus. You also get credit monitoring from TransUnion - all without requiring a credit card or any hidden fees. Additionally, Credit Karma provides interactive tools to track and manage the health of your credit history.

Identity Guard

Identity Guard Total Protection® also offers credit score* updates and monitoring, but from all three bureaus - TransUnion, Experian®, and Equifax- rather than just one. You also receive a full credit report from all three bureaus updated quarterly. In addition to watching over credit activity, Identity Guard will monitor thousands of databases for you‚ promptly alerting you when your Social Security Number (SSN ) is detected. Users of Identity Guard Total Protection also receive identity theft insurance** for losses up to $1 million, helping to recoup finances lost in the wake of ID thieves. And unlike Credit Karma, Identity Guard will never send offers for new loans or pre-approved credit cards.

Final Verdict

While Credit Karma does provide some level of identity theft protection, Identity Guard provides scores from all three credit reporting bureaus - as opposed to only two - plus full credit reports from all three bureaus, and active SSN monitoring, making it a more comprehensive tool for identity theft protection.