Essentials of World-class Credit Monitoring Services

As you probably know‚ not all credit monitoring services are created equal‚ and choosing the right one for you can be an extremely difficult task. Basic credit monitoring services will track activity in your credit reports at the three major credit bureaus — Equifax‚ Experian and TransUnion‚ and provide notification when certain changes are detected. Here are a few key characteristics that you should be looking for when searching for the best program for you.

  • Make sure the service looks at all three credit reports – Often‚ a credit monitoring service will only look at one report‚ while there are actually three bureaus monitoring your financial activity at the same time. The information on each report varies‚ and if all three aren't scoped out‚ something could be missed.
  • Longevity usually means a record of satisfaction – You don't want to get mixed up in a fly-by-night credit monitoring service‚ so go with one that has been around for some time and has built up a positive reputation.
  • No one can guarantee 100 percent protection. If a company promises results that seem too good to be true‚ it's likely that they are. Understand the realities of identity theft and the fact that there is no way to guarantee that you won't spot signs of theft on your credit report.
  • Check the Better Business Bureau – Any company that is legitimate can be found on the BBB website‚ where you can see any past customer complaints or spot companies that are lauded for the services they provide.

Any world-class credit monitoring service will have your best interests in mind. Don't settle on anything less.