Credit Monitoring

As easy as the internet and mobile devices have helped make our lives, they have also contributed to the rise of a potentially devastating problem: Identity theft. It's an unfortunate fact that, according to the Federal Trade Commission, ID theft is the fastest-growing crime in America today, in large part because we've essentially made it so much easier for thieves to take advantage in the first place.

Consider how much of your personal information is stored online. From social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to online bank accounts, the internet is a veritable treasure trove of your credentials: Names, birthdays, addresses, email, credit card numbers, passwords and so on. This kind of bait is irresistible to hackers and thieves, who are becoming increasingly adept at not only stealing this data but using it for their own purposes, opening up lines of credit all under their victim's name.

So what can be done about it? After all, it's not practical or even entirely feasible to completely remove all traces of yourself from online. The internet is here to stay, and we shouldn't be scared off of it by criminals.

This is where a service that works as your credit monitor can help. Although it can't promise complete identity theft protection - nothing can guarantee that unfortunately - credit monitoring services will send you notifications when certain changes occur in your credit file. These alerts will allow you to take quick measures, like freezing your credit, to ensure that ID thieves can't leave any significant impact on your credit score or bank accounts.

Knowledge is half the battle, which is exactly what credit check monitoring offers. The sooner you're aware of any possible theft of identity your finances may be involved in, the more effective you can be in stopping identity thieves in their tracks. Sign up for credit report monitoring today to get the jump on ID thieves!