Using Credit Score Services to Stay On Top of Your Financial Standing

As an adult or even teenager, you've likely heard the words "credit history" and "credit score" thrown around a lot - and for good reason! Good credit is crucial to a more financially secure and healthy lifestyle. But with all the importance that everyone from major financial institutions to your friends and family place on "having a good credit score," you may be just a little embarrassed to admit that you're not exactly sure what a credit score is. Luckily, credit score services can help out.

Choosing the right credit score service is essential to getting a better handle on your finances, and how your financial standing will ultimately impact your life. But if you're not quite clear on what a credit score is and what it can do for you, here are some of the basic need-to-know points:

  • Credit scores change:Late or missed repayments, applying for many loans or lines of credit in a short time or having a limited credit history can all influence how high or low your credit score may be.
  • Your financial history determines your credit score:The loans you've borrowed and repayments you've made are collected on your credit report, which uses that information to calculate a score from 300 to 850. Anything above 720 is generally considered strong credit.

Consult with professional and reputable credit score services to learn your credit score. Knowing your own credit score is not only essential information you should have for your life but can also be key in staying one step ahead of identity theft perpetrators.