How Fraud Protection Services Can Help You

Fraud can affect more than just your personal finances; it may also affect your family, the people that you do business with, and the reputation that you have built around your identity. With so many financial services now being hosted on the internet, identity thieves are working all hours of the day to steal personal information that is not being properly protected. Are you taking the measures necessary to protect your identity?

Fraud Protection Services can offer a wide variety of features. Identity Guard® can help to protect you in three different ways. First, our innovative technology proactively monitors your personal financial information by means of credit, identity, and public record monitoring. If certain activity is detected, you can count on us to deliver prompt alerts, keeping you informed on your personal security. Second, we help to protect you by offering anti-virus, password protection, and keystroke encryption software. Last, if your personal information is ever stolen while you're a member, we offer personal recovery assistance, identity theft insurance**, and lost wallet protection.

Your sense of security is important, and Identity Guard provides the tools you need to help you stay safe from identity theft. With three different plans, you can choose the fraud protection services can offer a wide variety of features. Identity Guard® that best suits your individual needs. Whether you choose to go with our Essentials, Total Protection®, or Platinum service, one thing is certain: you can count on us to help protect what makes you… you.