Free Identity Theft Protection

If you saw an article titled "Protect Identity Theft Free" you would probably be skeptical. However, there are a variety of tips and best practices that serve as free protection from identity theft. Here are three of the best ways to keep your identity safe:

  • Keep Personal Documents Secure - This may go without saying, but whether paper or digital, there should be some level of protection between your personal information and an identity thief.
  • Be Careful of Social Sharing - Identity thieves can acquire sensitive personal information from social media if it is shared. Be careful not to post phone numbers, addresses, social security numbers, or any information that can identify you to an unfamiliar third party.
  • Create Unique Login Credentials - Trivial passwords can be easily guessed by identity thieves. Creating a unique login for every website that you must sign-in to can add an extra layer of protection to keeping your identity safe.
  • This type of protection may seem like common sense, but these best practices can be executed daily to help protect yourself from damage to your identity.

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