Free Password Manager

Password management can be an important part of protecting yourself from identity theft. With developments in mobile applications, ecommerce, and social media; more and more of your personal and financial information is being housed online. Protection of this information can never be guaranteed, but there are measures that can be taken to help you protect yourself from falling victim to identity theft.

Social Media

Social media sites often require that you make a profile that can only be accessed with a username and password. Did you know that using the same username and password for every online profile can dangerous? If an identity thief is able to get their hands on one of your passwords, all of your passwords could be compromised shortly after. By using a unique password for every password protected site, you could add an extra layer of protection to your identity. Who can remember a different password for every site? Some people may even need to write all of these passwords down to keep track of them, which can actually defeat the purpose of using unique passwords to begin with.

ID Vault Can Help

Using a password manager can help you keep both the convenience of using one password, and the increased safety of using unique passwords. Identity Guard® offers ID Vault, a password manager which is included in a free trial of Total Protection® to help you keep your passwords safe and convenient. This password manager stores your login credentials and credit card information to give you secure‚ one-click access to your online shopping‚ bank and other accounts. Learn more about the free trial that comes with the free password manager and other tools that Identity Guard has to offer.