Your membership is built on our unique Monitor‚ Protect & Recover system.

Identity Guard® provides the tools you need to help you stay safe from identity theft‚ with an expert Member Services team that is ready to assist you.

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How Identity Guard Works


Get an introduction to our Dashboard and learn about every feature we've created to keep you protected.

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Our innovative technology proactively monitors your personal and financial information to help you stay aware and alert.

Credit Monitoring
Every business day‚ we watch over your credit files. We'll alert you quickly if we notice certain changes‚ and you can get monthly updates on your credit score*. You can also view your credit report and score anytime in your Identity Dashboard.
Identity Monitoring
We proactively monitor your personal information‚ such as your name and Social Security number‚ online. We'll alert you if we find that information connected to certain types of activity.
Public Record Monitoring
We carefully monitor your publicly available information for certain changes‚ and you'll receive a quarterly report‚ updating you on information we've found‚ or letting you know that everything looks okay.
Prompt Alerts
You can count on us to deliver prompt‚ up-to-date information on your personal security. Just select Email‚ Text‚ or Phone as your preferred activity alert method — or‚ download our Mobile App to receive your alerts on-the-go.

“A member called me after receiving an Identity Guard® credit monitoring alert on her cell phone. A new bank account had appeared in her credit report and she wasn't sure what to do. After reviewing the report together‚ she realized the account belonged to her daughter‚ not an identity thief. I was glad to let her know we would continue monitoring her information and alerting her when we detect activity like this.”

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Our suite of software tools is designed to help you secure your personal information so that it stays out of the hands of identity thieves.

ZoneAlarm® Internet Security Suite is a simple download that helps keep your PC safe from threats with antivirus‚ anti-spyware and firewall protection.
Password Protection
ID Vault® stores your login credentials and credit card information to give you secure‚ one-click access to your online shopping‚ bank and other accounts.
Keystroke Encryption
PrivacyProtect® encrypts your keystrokes‚ making them unintelligible to malware so you browse the Internet securely.

“One of our members recently received a call from someone claiming to be from the Social Security office. The member gave the caller his personal information‚ and then got nervous thinking the call may not have been legitimate. I discussed the situation with him and assured him that his Identity Guard® monitoring service works to detect activity like this to help protect him from identity theft and credit fraud.”

Chris‚ Member Services


If your personal information is ever stolen while you're a member‚ we will do everything we can to get your identity back so you can continue living life on your own terms.

Personal Recovery Assistance
If your identity is ever compromised, it can really impact your sense of security. Our trusted experts are ready to guide you through the process of recovery and resolution. Just call 1-800-452-2541 to speak with our experts who can provide one-on-one guidance to help you cancel your credit cards, advise you on any next steps you should take with your lenders and local police, and give you the insight you need to help get back what you’ve lost.
Identity Theft Insurance
If you do become a victim of identity theft, you’ll have up to $1 million* in identity theft insurance for expenses that result from identity theft. Click here to learn more about identity theft insurance.
*Insurance amount varies depending on service selected.
Lost Wallet Protection
If your wallet is ever stolen, or you simply can’t find it, we’ll help you cancel your credit cards and access up to $2,000 from one of your accounts.