How to Protect Your Credit

Safeguarding your credit is an important part of maintaining your identity. You've likely spent a lot of time and effort to build a financial reputation, so make sure that you put your best foot forward when you try to protect your credit. Here are some examples of how to protect your credit.

Be Mindful of Mail

If you've ever received bank statements, bills, or prepaid credit card offers, make sure that you are mindful of how you dispose of them. Bills that have already been paid online, or credit card offers that don't interest you may find themselves in the trash, but identity thieves can easily recover these documents. Make sure that you shred or properly dispose of any documents that contain private information on them to prevent thieves from gaining access to your credit.

Examine Your Surroundings

Before withdrawing from an ATM, be sure to examine your surroundings. Credit thieves may be watching nearby if you don't shield the keypad. In some cases, a fraudulent keypad may even be placed over the standard ATM hardware. If anything looks out of the ordinary, be sure to alert someone who can take care of the problem. Think about the credit damage that something as simple as paying attention to detail could prevent.

Seek Help from Professionals

When in doubt, don't be afraid to seek the help of professionals. Identity Guard® has been around for nearly two decades, and helps to protect you from the negative effects of criminal financial activity. You benefit from features like credit, identity, and personal record monitoring, a suite of software tools, and recovery assistance if your information is ever stolen while you're a member. Let Identity Guard help you to better protect your credit. Learn more today!