How to Protect Your Identity

In today's digital age, your identity goes everywhere; help protect it with Identity Guard®. There are many companies that suggest how to protect your identity. Here are some of the techniques that you can practice daily to help protect your identity.

  • Do not submit sensitive information through public WIFI - Open networks can be accessed by anyone, and can be used to steal your personal information.
  • Delete Images of Personal Identification - It is convenient to take a picture of an ID or Passport for short term reference, but always make sure to delete the picture when you are done using it so that it does not fall into the wrong hands.
  • Be aware of skimming - Skimming devices are sometimes used by identity thieves. They are placed over credit card readers and can magnetically steal your card information.
  • Properly dispose of credit card offers and bank statements - If found in the trash, identity thieves can take valuable, personal information from these documents. Make sure that they are disposed of properly.
  • However, making efforts to protect your personal information will never 100% guarantee your safety from identity thieves. If you are looking for professional identity theft protection assistance, you can rely on Identity Guard. We help to protect you from certain criminal financial activity and its negative effects. Don't wait, learn more about how to protect your identity now.