ID Protect with Identity Guard®

Protecting your identity can be difficult with all of the information sharing in the world today. The internet has allowed for the collection of knowledge from all corners of the world. Unfortunately, this abundance of information is frequently being taken advantage of by identity thieves. There are many different ways that your sensitive information can be obtained; make sure that you know how to protect your identity.

Monitor Your Credit Report

The sooner that you can uncover fraudulent activity in your credit files, the easier it will be to minimize damage to your financial reputation and credit. It is common practice to review credit reports from the major bureaus, but make sure that you look beyond your report for suspicious activity too. Identity thieves can open lines of credit in your name if they acquire the right information, and a credit monitoring service can quickly alert you to certain new activity while it is still manageable. Identity Guard® offers automated credit monitoring with prompt alerts so that you have peace of mind.

Avoid Banking on Public Networks

Public WIFI lacks the privacy of a home or work network. Information shared through a public network is susceptible to theft. The next time you visit a site, or use an application to engage in mobile banking or services that require your identification, make sure that you are on a secure network in order to protect ID.

ID Protect with Professional Help

When it comes to protecting delicate personal information, you can always look for professional aid. Identity Guard offers anti-virus, password protection, and keyword encryption to help you protect yourself from identity theft. See how else Identity Guard can help protect what makes you…you.