Identify Theft with this Technique

Identity theft can occur without the victim knowing for an extended period of time. Without consistently reviewing credit and other financial records, it can be very difficult to identify fraud. It isn't unheard of for an identity thief to file for someone's tax return and go unnoticed for several months. In addition, some people believe that they don't have any credit, and their information is not valuable to identity thieves so, they leave their financial information unchecked. Don't allow yourself to become a victim. Learn how to identify credit fraud.

Credit Reports

Were you aware that Americans are entitled to three free credit reports every year? It's true, each of the three major credit bureaus provides one free credit report on a yearly basis. These reports can be leveraged to identify credit card fraud or other fraudulent transactions which have occurred in your name. A good practice is to access your reports throughout the year so that you are aware of your credit transactions on a more consistent basis. But what about the periods in between?

Credit Monitoring is Available

If you wish to monitor your credit more than three times a year, Identity Guard® has a solution. Identity Guard proactively monitors your personal and financial information to help you stay aware and alert. This is implemented through credit, identity, and public record reports and monitoring along with prompt alerts so you can take immediate action. To see how this solution helps to identify theft, get protected with Identity Guard now.

Service Offers Recovery

You would never want your identity to be stolen, but if it was, would you know what to do next? Identity Guard offers personal recovery assistance, up to $1 million in identity theft insurance**, and lost wallet protection for members that have had their identity taken.

With the variety of software solutions and services available to help you shield your identity from criminals, you can pick and choose the best identity theft shield plan for your needs. Learn more about the different Identity Guard plans today!