3 Key Identity Protection Tips

Identity thieves are constantly evolving their methods for stealing sensitive information and using it to commit identity theft‚ making identity protection harder and harder every day. While you can take steps to protect your personal identification information‚ like your Social Security number or bank account data‚ there is no guarantee that you won't become a victim of some form of identity theft at some point in your life.

One thing you can do for identity protection is make sure that you don't leave important documents in vulnerable places. Like any hazard‚ being aware of the threat will give you the upper hand in avoiding it.

Three Key Identity Protection Tips

  1. Be candid with your personal identification information and be wary of anyone who asks you for it. You rarely need to give your Social Security number out to make a purchase‚ join an organization or open an account in your name‚ for example‚ so think twice before handing it over.
  2. Only carry the necessary documents with you at any time. For instance‚ your Social Security card and birth certificate should almost always stay locked in a safe place‚ while you should only carry your debit or credit card with you when you are sure you'll need them.
  3. A credit monitoring program may be a good method of keeping a close watch on the activity taking place in your name‚ as one of these programs will issue prompt alerts in the event that certain activity is taking place in your name.

You can never fully guarantee that identity theft won't happen to you‚ but it's much easier to lower your chances of identity protection if you plan for the worst.