What Identity Theft Protection Services are Available to Me?

It's nearly impossible to completely protect yourself from the craftiest identity thieves‚ but there are a host of identity theft protection services available to reduce some of the risks. Not all identity theft protection services are created equal‚ but taking any actions to help protect against the crime never hurts and enlisting in one of these services could make a positive difference.

Credit report services

You can sign up for a program that lets you view your credit report so that you can review the activity taking place in your name and watch out for certain signs of identity theft on your own. There are a wide array of these resources online‚ though the quality and integrity of each varies greatly.

Reputation.com and DeleteMe

These are services that make sure your online identity is as clean and protected as possible. Once you sign up‚ these programs scour the internet for any of your personal identification information that may be out there and attempts to remove it from websites that may make your vulnerable to identity theft.

Neither program can guarantee that your information isn't still somewhere out there on the web. Nor can either guarantee protection against identity theft.

Comprehensive identity theft protection services

There are other programs that offer a wide array of features‚ from credit monitoring to identity theft insurance. These programs will issue fraud alerts and assist you in alleviating theft should it occur.