Identity Theft Protection – Remaining Safe in the Digital Age

Identity Theft Protection is a necessary measure in today's digital age. Cyber criminals are using Malware, Spyware, and Viruses to steal your identity at all times of the day, but exerting the same amount of effort to keep your information safe would be absolutely exhausting. Identity Guard® takes the work out of safeguarding the information and reputation that you worked so diligently to build.

Best Practices to Help Protect

There are daily measures that you can take to help protect yourself from identity theft.

  • Do not carry sensitive documents
  • Do not think that your identity has no value to a criminal
  • Use unique passwords online
  • Do not access banking or insurance information on public Wi-Fi
  • Do not open emails from an unfamiliar source

However, even while engaging in these protection practices, you are still susceptible to identity theft. Data breaches of reputable companies, P2P file sharing, and stolen bank statements and credit card offers are a few of the unavoidable dangers that make Identity Theft Protection a necessity.

Expert Identity Theft Protection

Identity Guard takes a three-pronged approach to identity theft protection that you may not have the means or know-how to execute on your own.

  1. Monitor - proactive monitoring of your financial and personal information is conducted so that you know how your information is being used.
  2. Protect - Anti-virus, keystroke encryption, and password protection are available so that your private information will remain private, even in a digital environment.
  3. Recover - If your personal information is compromised while you are employing our services, we work hard to help you recover what has been stolen.

Don't let identity theft be a problem; count on us to help protect what makes you…you.