Identity Theft Protection Reviews

Are you wondering what consumers truly think of Identity Guard® and their products and services? Spend time reviewing Trust Pilot, where real Identity Guard customers can post comments and give reviews about their personal experiences. These identity theft protection reviews can give insight into why Identity Guard is rated 4 out of 5 stars on Trust Pilot.

Identity Guard provides comprehensive identity protection thorough ongoing monitoring, alerts, reports, protection software, and tireless identity recovery programs. Although these features make us who we are, Identity Guard realizes one important benefit: protecting what makes you…you.

Identity Guard features

Although we are one of the highest rated companies when it comes to reviews of identity theft protection, you shouldn't just take our word for it. Learning from other customer experiences can help you decided on which company can offer you the product you need to fit your lifestyle. With Identity Guard you can choose your level of protection, and there is an option to add children to your plan, so you can keep an eye on their identity protection until they turn 18.

At Identity Guard, we know it's impossible to completely guard against identity theft, however we offer many tools and resources to help protect from identity fraud and to help restore your identity if an unfortunate case of theft occurs.

Our services

Monitoring your credit is an important part of protecting your identity. Our monitoring tools include identity, credit, internet and black marketing monitoring to reveal unseen threats from the dark web. If we detect certain activity that may be indicative of fraud, we provide prompt alerts that allow you to take action.

If your personal information is ever stolen while you're a member, you’ll be able to speak with a case manager that can assist you throughout the recovery process. Our service also includes a $1 million identity theft insurance policy** to cover some expenses involved in recovering your identity.  Don't wait to get protected, learn more about Identity Guard today!