Identity Theft Protection Services

Identity theft protection has been a rising concern due to the accessibility of information on the internet. Many identity thieves have more technical know-how than law abiding users with a valuable financial reputation.

In addition to the digital accessibility of sensitive information, credit card offers and paper bank statements continue to be an element of identity vulnerability. What can an individual do beyond practicing common sense for keeping personal documents safe?

Expertise is available

There are reputable identity theft protection experts available to consumers. If you don’t consider yourself a particularly tech-savvy person, then leave it to an identity theft protection service to help you protect your personal information. Identity Guard® offers services that can help protect your identity through tools to boost your security, tips and guides for how you can continue to do all your normal day-to-day activities with less risk, and by guiding you in securing your online activities.

How does Identity Guard® work?

Identity Guard® is an identity theft protection service with comprehensive 3-bureau monitoring of credit, SSN, internet and black markets, and more to provide subscribers with alerts when certain activity that could indicate fraud is detected and early warning detection against unauthorized account openings.

Help and support when you need it

Identity theft protection can be complicated‚ so it's inevitable that you'll run into questions throughout your relationship with this service. Our US-based customer service center and resource center is available when you need clarification or help. And if you become a victim of identity theft while you’re a member, we provide a $1 million identity theft insurance policy** to cover the expenses of recovering your identity.

With our variety of products, we specialize in helping people help protect themselves from identity theft. From a comprehensive credit monitoring program to a personal privacy protection plan, Identity Guard can help you find the right service to fit your needs and lifestyle.