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A Look at the 2013 HDI Conference and Expo

HDI is the premier information technology (IT) service and support association as well as the industry's most well-regarded certification and training body. Every year, the international panel of experts and practitioners who help make HDI the highly regarded resource it is today invite members of the group, as well as first-timers, to the HDI Conference and Expo to share their expertise and thoughts on the latest news in the world of IT.

Unlike many conferences, where guests attend a lot of boring seminars and spend little time actually socializing and having fun, this seminar is both a learning experience and a major social event. Held at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, the 2013 HDI Conference and Expo has a jet-setting secret agent theme this year, and those who attend will even be able to enter to win prizes, such as a new car.

One speaker is a trailblazer in the field
The first keynote speaker at the conference this year is Apple Computers cofounder Steve Wozniak, who has had a hand in shaping the world of IT since he and Steve Jobs founded the revolutionary tech company back in 1976. He will be part of an exciting question-and-answer session on the first day of the expo that will help to start a discussion not only about the history of IT but where technology will be headed in the future.

Another can explain how to take IT to new heights
Not all the keynote speakers will be experts in the field of IT, however, though they will have a lot of experience tackling unforeseen problems and building effective teams. Lieutenant Colonel Rob Waldman, for example, will use his experience as a member of the Air Force to help attendees develop a strategy to fend off fears about the ever-changing IT landscape.

Some speakers have risked their lives to attend
Another speaker coming to the conference who has come face to face with fear is Aron Ralston — the author of the incredible, true survival tale "Between a Rock and a Hard Place," which was the basis for the Academy Award-nominated film "127 Hours." He hopes to inspire those who feel trapped within the IT industry to persevere against all odds to survive in this harsh landscape.

There will be even more remarkable speakers on hand at this year's HDI Conference and Expo, taking place April 16-19, promising an extraordinary experience with some inspiring characters.