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A Trip Abroad Could Be Your Dad’s Father’s Day Dream – Or Nightmare

For Father’s Day, many folks treated their dads to trips that they maybe have always hoped to take but never had either the time or resources to while they were busy raising a family. Whether it’s taking dad to visit the homeland of their ancestors, a country dad has long been fascinated with, or treating dad to a vacation at a far-off resort, planning a special trip for dad can be a lifetime highlight for the entire family.

No matter where you send Pop for vacation, don’t ship him off without first preparing him with the essentials to ensure that he has a safe and happy trip. This includes not only the essential creature comforts, like reading materials or music to help make the long flight more tolerable, but also some supplies that will make sure he lowers his risk of theft – especially identity theft – while he is on travel.

Important documents are never safe left unwatched

He won’t want to leave important documents, like his passport or driver’s license, back in the hotel room while he is off seeing the sights, as the information displayed on these devices can be extremely valuable to someone which is why it’s critical to protect your identity. Especially in poorer countries, the identity of an American citizen could be a means of a better life and transport to the United States for an opportunistic maid or concierge. At the same time, it could leave your father stranded in a foreign country, making your gift anything but an enjoyable experience for your dad.

There are solutions to monitoring dad’s information he should pursue

However, carrying these documents around while abroad can be risky, too, as pickpockets could easily swipe your dad’s passport while he’s not looking. Luckily, most dads aren’t too worried about fashion sense, so wearing useful but less-than-stylish gear that will help them keep better track of their personal belongings shouldn’t be too big of an issue. A fanny pack, for instance, can help him keep these documents in sight at all times. However, more fashion-conscious fathers could wear passport and file holders that are worn underneath their clothes that are attached around the neck.

Let him know about credit monitoring as well, since a program like this will keep a close eye on dad’s financial activity while he is abroad, allowing him to relax and enjoy his well deserved break.