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Apple V. FBI Battle Could Lead to Better Security

As battle between Apple and the FBI heats up other tech companies are reportedly making plans for increased encryption. A few weeks back we wrote about the current FBI versus Apple showdown sure to change a great deal about the security of our tech devices and tech companies' responsibility to law enforcement.

Basically, the FBI and the government is requesting that Apple create a way to hack into an iPhone without destroying the information on said iPhone through legal action to continue the investigation into the Bernadino, California shooters.

Now reports are surfacing that other tech companies in Silicone Valley and the world, who have been monitoring the case closely, are making plans and adding features to their devices to more heavily protect their users' data.

Many have concluded that the FBI intended to set a precedent that would enable them to compel other companies to assist in similar cases when they made the legal battle between them and Apple public. But if that's the case, they have inadvertently made matters worse.

There is speculation that Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat and other companies are in the process of making their apps more secure as a direct result of the Apple and FBI fight. WhatsApp is apparently planning on encrypting their voice calling features in addition to their already encrypted text messaging feature. And Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, is also reportedly considering security upgrades for its messaging app, Facebook Messenger.

So what does this all mean? The FBI's unprecedented push may just drive other tech companies to make it nearly impossible to retrieve information from their apps whether or not they obtain a "backdoor" into iPhones from Apple.

This is probably bad news for the FBI agency, but a win for consumers around the world. If any of these reports pan out, we could benefit from stronger encryption and better security on many of our devices, which may help lower our risk of identity theft, fraud and a host of other problems.

At this point everything is just conjecture and the case between Apple and the FBI is yet to be decided. Stay tuned for more on this developing story.