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The Resource Center Identity Theft & Protection | article

Atlanta TV Anchor is Theft of Identity Victim

Some members of society seem like they are far from the perfect suspects for identity theft. Movie stars, sitcom actors, politicians and even local television anchors have such high profiles and name recognition that theft of identity from one of these individuals is simply foolish. However, just as almost any person you encounter has the potential to possibly steal your identity, there is no one set demographic of victims who suffer from the crime.

In Atlanta, local Channel 2 Action News traffic reporter Mark Arum learned this the hard ways. Although citizens of the city wake up every morning to Arum and listen to his traffic report to gauge how their daily commute will turn out, somehow Arum’s celebrity wasn’t enough protection from identity theft to keep his finances in check.

Erkes Green was charged with thee counts of theft of identity in August of 2013 after stealing Arum and two other Atlanta resident’s personal information over the course of the last three years. He had been taken in by police before for his crimes but had been deemed a flight risk after fleeing following the first indictments.

“I'm surprised that they were able to apprehend him again,” Arum told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I didn't think they would be able to.”

Along with luxury items like cars and television, Green also filed fraudulent tax returns in Arum’s name in 2011 and 2012, cashing in on Arum’s hard earned paycheck as a respected journalist.

This goes to show that even local television personalities with high profiles and recognizable faces need to see out the best protection from identity theft.