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Be Thankful for Identity Theft Prevention this Thanksgiving

Across the country, families, friends and even strangers will be coming together to celebrate one of our nation’s most cherished holidays. As a result, Thanksgiving is considered one of the busiest travel days of the year as people take to the roads and the skies to be able to have holiday dinner with the ones they love.

Because there is a lot of confusion that comes with not just commuting to Thanksgiving dinner but also pulling off the holiday feast without a hitch, ID theft is perhaps a bigger threat this time of year than any other. Whether a thief is looking to take advantage of a frazzled host juggling a massive shopping list at the supermarket takeout line or perhaps even scoop up a strangers luggage from a train station, individuals need to be aware that even during the holidays, identity theft is always a pertinent threat.

The best way to protect your personal identification information is by keeping the documents containing this data in a safe spot at all times. For instance, instead of carrying your Social Security card in your wallet, keep the number memorized on the off chance that you’ll need to provide it over the holidays. Even then, be extremely careful about who you share it with, as regular transactions rarely call for this information to be exchanged.

Since you will need to take extra steps to keep your family safe from fraud so that you are not left stuck in a financial quagmire going into the holidays, look into an identity theft prevention program that will put extra safeguards up around your personal information and alert you to any suspicious activity that could be a sign of fraud.