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Can a Locked Mailbox Help Protect You from Identity Theft during the Holidays?

The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are among not only the busiest shopping days of the year, but also a period where the U.S. Postal Service is under a lot of stress, as millions of packages and holiday cards are sent. As a result, mail theft is an extremely prevalent crime especially throughout the holiday season, and citizens need to do all they can to make sure that they don’t become the victim of ID theft during what should be the most wonderful time of the year.

Instead of relying on the mailbox in your front yard, consider investing into one that features a lock for Christmas so that not just any passerby can access the contents within. Whether you install it next to the front door or look into having a post office box set up, any bills or receipts that are mailed to you during this season will be safely locked within so that the personal identification information within isn’t compromised.

This is an especially good idea if you live in an apartment building where there are a host of other individuals strolling in and out of the main gathering space that could potentially be looking to steal a sensitive document from your mail.

Stealing mail is a very serious crime, and individuals who are caught doing it face serious penalties for the crime. Despite the risk affiliated with mail theft, it is still a very popular means of identity theft that criminals commit at an alarmingly large rate. By placing a lock on your mailbox, you are putting up another safeguard to protect your good name and preserve your credit when you need it most.