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The Resource Center Identity Theft & Protection | article

Can an RFID Wallet Aid with Identity Theft Prevention?

There’s a reason why identity theft prevention keeps getting harder and harder: There are more ways to commit credit card theft today than there ever have been before. In the past, you simply needed to worry about thieves stealing your actual card from your wallet if they wanted to do any damage to your credit score. But as technology has advanced and the world continues to grow smaller, the route to your line of credit has become easier for criminals.

One scary new technology that has come to light over the past several years has been the RFID theft. Thieves are able to essentially use devices like their smartphones to emit radio frequency waves to collect information from your electronics. But it isn’t just the contacts on your Android and iPhone that are on the menu using RFID for theft – these waves have the capabilities to copy all of the account information off of your credit card’s magnetic strip. All a thief needs to do is stand within close proximity to you, direct the waves at your wallet casually, and they have completed the credit card theft.

There may, perhaps, be a method of identity theft prevention that protects against RFID theft in the form of specially designed wallets that are impenetrable to these radio waves. Brands like Zippo make stainless steel models that shield against RFID frequencies, but there are even non-metal models on the market that claim to work just as well.

However, there is no surefire form of identity theft prevention, and you should rely on more than just an RFID wallet to keep credit card theft at bay. Spending responsibly and being discretionary about who you share your account information with is the best policy.