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Can Identity Theft Protection Help Stop Identity Thieves?

Identity theft has become one of the most troublesome crimes of the Internet age, leading more and more people to turn to identity theft protection. Unfortunately, there are many ways that people can gain access to credit card information, Social Security numbers and birth dates, passwords, and other personal details. Once someone has access to your information, they can cause serious financial harm to you and can leave you scrambling to undo the damage that has been done. Identity theft protection aims to arm you with the tools you need to help you to spot and stop identity theft when it starts.

How Identity Theft Protection Can Help

Identity thieves work by stealing information and using it as their currency. Having your personal data allows them to open credit cards, take out loans, or even obtain medical services that get charged to you. This can cause you to experience significant damage to your credit as they take out loans that aren't repaid and, in some cases, can even put your health at risk if they obtain medical help in your name and the information from their care ends up on your medical records.

Identity thieves should not be the only ones who are armed with information. You, too, need to keep informed and make sure that you monitor your personal data and details. Identity theft protection such as the services provided by Identity Guard® can help you to arm yourself with the information you need to fight identity theft.

The Features of Identity Theft Protection

The types of services provided by identity theft protection services will vary depending upon the product offering that you choose. When you opt to get identity theft protection from Identity Guard®, there are a number of tools made available to you that will help to alert you to any signs that your identity has been stolen.

Identity Guard® offers users the opportunity to regularly monitor their credit to see if something has been opened up in their names or to see if anything is amiss. When you have Identity Guard®, you will be notified of certain suspicious activities involving your personal information. You'll also be able to access your credit reports from the major credit bureaus and if you see something out-of-the-ordinary on these reports, that can tip you off that someone is obtaining credit in your name.

Of course, monitoring your credit report isn't the only tool to fight against identity theft as there is other important personal information available as well. Identity Guard® helps to give you access to some of this other information by monitoring your public records and other personal information.

Protect Yourself

Your good name is one of your greatest assets, and it is up to you to do everything possible to protect your name, credit, and identity so it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Identity Guard® helps by arming you with the information you need to help take action and stop identity thieves in their tracks.