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The Resource Center Child Identity Theft & Protection | article

Talking To Your Kids About Protecting Their Identity on the Better Show

Every parent should talk to their kids about the dangers of sharing personal information but does the message become more powerful when kids teach other kids?

Joe Mason from Identity Guard and author of "Bankrupt At Birth," and his daughters, Emily and Chase, discuss why it's important to teach kids about protecting themselves from identity theft.

Child Identity Theft Episode 5

Points from the video:

  • Parents need to educate themselves on how to better protect their personal information.
  • Educating children from an early age to protect their identities may reduce their chances of becoming a victim.

Kids Teaching Kids

Emily wrote and produced a video to teach other kids about identity theft. Here is Emily and Chase's video.

After watching the video it is clear that it is easy to become a victim of child identity theft.


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