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The Resource Center Credit Fraud & Credit Monitoring | article

Credit Monitoring: A Great Service for Home Buyers

If you are considering purchasing a home any time within the next two years, it is a wise choice to invest in credit monitoring.  Your credit score is going to dictate whether you are able to qualify to purchase a home. Your credit score and report are also going to determine what interest rate you are charged, which will determine how much you will have to pay over the life of the loan and how much the mortgage will cost you.

Credit monitoring helps you keep up on what is going on with your credit report and score so you can make sure you don't do anything to hurt your chances of buying a home. Credit monitoring also helps you to see any mistakes that are on your report and helps you to see if someone has taken your information and opened credit in your name.

Credit monitoring can be purchased affordably as part of the services provided by Identity Guard®. By taking advantage of Identity Guard® platinum, silver, or gold, you will have the most comprehensive tools available to protect your credit and identity. If you prefer a service specific to monitoring credit only, you can take advantage of CreditProtectX3® or CreditProtect® instead and still enjoy the benefit of knowing what's on your credit report.

To learn more about credit monitoring to better understand why it is helpful to you when considering the purchase of a home, visit the Identity Guard® website for information on credit monitoring today.