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The Resource Center Credit Fraud & Credit Monitoring | article

How Credit Monitoring Services Help Combat Identity Theft

Blue Credit CardIdentity theft has become one of our society's biggest concerns, as criminals are now turning to the Internet to obtain personal information for their scams. Fortunately, while there are many ways to commit identity theft, there are also several ways to fight back such scams and protect your personal information. Companies like Intersections Inc. offer valid credit monitoring services such as Identity Guard® to help protect the personal information of their customers.

Identity theft can occur in some of the most seemingly innocuous places, including the public ATM kiosk, the doctor's office, the local bank, or the shopping mall. Someone could be looking over your shoulder while you're providing your Social Security number, ATM PIN, or credit card number.

Identity theft becomes a serious risk when you lose your wallet or passport, allowing strangers to pick it up and use your identity to access your finances and other privileges.

Online identity theft or online ID theft is becoming an increasingly common type of identity theft. Identity thieves have become more sophisticated in their attempts to obtain personal information, and now use the Internet to hack into people's personal accounts. This allows them to get credit card details and other kinds of sensitive personal data.

Companies that provide consumer and corporate identity risk management services, like Intersections Inc., can enhance Internet security. They can offer antivirus, keystroke encryption, and password protection software that can fight back malware and Web criminals..

These services alert you when certain activity that might be associated with your identity is detected. These notifications are sent to you via email, text messages, or phone. Customers can also choose to get monthly updates on their credit scores, and quarterly reports on publicly available information.

These services are particularly useful if your children carry emergency credit cards or bank account details. If they frequently use the Internet, you can also get child identity theft protection services for them to help protect their personal information. These services can come handy for parents of teenagers who typically spend a lot of time online and tend to share a lot of their personal information.