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Do Your Best To Make This Summer A Relaxing One

Happy Solstice! Summer is finally, officially here, and many individuals are planning an array of different ways to celebrate the big day. Some folks are going to be packing up to hit the beach, while others will be having parties closer to home to commemorate the change of seasons.

However you intend to mark the occasion, you should consider making a few resolutions to guarantee that you’re summer is as relaxed and carefree as possible. When you drive to the shore, you want to lounge in the sun without having to worry about your credit report or your credit score, after all. But if you don’t plan ahead, you could very likely find yourself having a stressful few months as opposed to an enjoyable summer.

Don’t travel with unnecessary information in tow

Since this is the time of year when people travel most – even if only a few miles to a local watering hole – you’re likely going to be bringing your identity and personal information to many different locales. Whenever you aren’t spending an extended time in one place, you are more likely to lose track of belongings, whether that is your credit card or even your personal identification information.

Identity theft is no day at the beach

No matter where you go this summer, do your best to leave any items or information at home where it is more safe than on the road where you could lose it. For instance, a day at the beach isn’t going to require that you bring your debit or credit card in most instances, so leave these items in a safe spot in your bedroom or home office while you are away. And unless you are leaving the country, the passport will never need to travel with you unless you don’t have an alternate form of identification.

Try your best to only carry cash on these short summer trips and consider enlisting in a credit monitoring service to help keep track of certain financial activity going down in your name. If there are any unauthorized purchases or suspicious applications filed that show up on your credit report, a credit monitor will alert you so that you can take the necessary steps to clear any hurdles.