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Don’t Let Your Car – And Your Identity – Get Stolen When You Go Camping

Some people wait all year for summer to come so that they can hit the dusty trail and set up camp in the great outdoors. This can be a great adventure for the whole family to enjoy, or even a romantic vacation for a couple to escape from the stresses of their day-to-day lives. While there is nothing quite like a stay in a luxury hotel to rekindle a relationship, really embracing nature is both a challenge loved ones can take on together and an invigorating getaway where they can be alone together.

Most couples have to travel far to reach a camping destination that is truly secluded and considered a getaway. This means that a road trip with all your gear in tow is usually par for the course, and once you actually reach your destination, finding a safe place to park your car is the next step in the process.

The risk of identity theft doesn’t end when you reach your destination
While you may think that the only risk you face of identity theft while out on the open road will come during your trip to the actual campground – like when you take a pit stop to fill up at the gas station or stop at a rest area for a bite to eat – a thief could actually access your personal identification information while you are sleeping in the woods.

Don’t make your car a target

Even if you leave your credit card at home and make every effort to secure your important documents while you are at the campsite, you need to be sure that your car is parked in a safe place where intruders aren’t likely to break in. If you park in a non-designated spot on the side of the road and then hike your way up to a scenic vista to set up your tent, you could be making yourself a target.

Parking remotely won’t decrease your chances for theft

Choose parking lots that are designated for campers where there are security measures in place. If your desired destination for camping doesn’t have one of these areas, than maybe you should consider camping somewhere else. Should a thief break into your car, they will gain access to your registration, which holds enough personal identification information for a thief to open up an account in your name and potentially ruin your credit score.

Keep your doors and your glove box locked, and make sure there are other cars parked nearby. Preferably, park near an information desk that is usually manned by some kind of official. This will decrease the odds of your car being stolen, along with your identity.