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Don’t Overshare With Social Media When You Go on Vacation This Summer

There are a lot of benefits of social media, from helping you keep up with old friends who you don’t see too often to even locating a new career move. As the saying goes, the world really does keep getting smaller, and social media websites are helping fuel this change by connecting individuals from all over the globe to one another, sharing ideas and building relationships.

There’s a downside to using social media, however

For all of the benefits of websites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, there are just as many downsides, and perhaps the biggest one is overexposure. We all have that friend who likes posting pictures of every meal they eat throughout the day or who overwhelm your news feed with status updates or tweets seemingly every five minutes. Activity like this can often ruin friendships, as this oversharing individual drives their friends on social media to block or even delete them from their list of followers. However, overexposure has even more sinister side effects for people who let everyone on the website in on their whereabouts.

Oversharing is more than just annoying – it could affect your credit score

This is especially true when you are going on vacation. It’s one thing to share a description of a delicious meal at a beachside restaurant or complain about a terrible flight, but your best move is to wait until you get back from your trip to give your followers a recount of your journey. Whatever you put up on social media can practically be seen by almost anyone, not just your friends but potentially identity thieves as well.

If you make it clear that you’re going to be traveling, you’re basically advertising the fact that your property won’t be occupied for a certain span of time. This could encourage criminals to break into your home while you are away and steal documents or information that they could use to steal your identity. Once they do this, they could cause significant damage to your credit score and leave a messy trail of bad activities on your credit report.
Save the photo albums for when you get back and only let people you trust know about your plans. Have a friend or neighbor keep an eye on your residence for you while you’re away, and look into credit monitoring to watch over your accounts while your enjoying your trip.