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Don’t Ruin Your Credit Score When Attending A Cookout

Cookouts are one of the best things about the summer months because they allow friends and families to come together and enjoy the nice weather in a casual setting. With all of the holidays that take place over the coming weeks, from Flag Day to The Fourth of July, there are many special occasions to have a cookout, and many people have backyard cookouts for no purpose at all but to enjoy the season.

Whether you are throwing a cookout for one of the many upcoming holidays or your celebration is an impromptu gathering, you’ll need to go through a lot of preparation to make the gathering a success. What is so great about most cookouts is that everyone who attends is generally expected to help in making it a success, whether they are bringing something for all attendees to feast on or a few bags of ice at the request of the host.

You’ll need to worry about more than just the food
If you are attending or if you are hosting a cookout, you will still need to take steps to let the event go off without a hitch that goes beyond keeping everyone fed. This kind of meal is like any other gathering where your guard is down and there are crowds of people – some of whom you have known for years and others who may be complete strangers.

Do you really need your purse at a cookout?

When attending these events, ladies need to be sure that they leave their purses at home for a number of reasons. Not only will they be uncomfortable to tote around while you are socializing throughout the backyard, but they can be hard to keep track of when you’re juggling a drink and a hotdog or hamburger. If you place your purse down next to a seat and then leave it behind while you go up for seconds or spot a friend in the crowd, it could easily be gone when you return to your seat.

To protect your identity make sure a thief can’t get a hold of your purse – and therefore your personal identification information within, like a license or debit card – they could use it to steal your identity, running up debts and opening up new accounts in your name.

Only bring the necessary materials with you to the cookout to avoid identity theft. You aren’t likely going to need anything more than your license, if you are driving, and maybe some spending cash to pick up some soda from the store on the way over. If you keep them in your pants pocket, you are less likely to leave them behind while you are traveling throughout the party.