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The Resource Center Identity Theft & Protection | article

Even Celebrities Can Get Their Identities Stolen

One would think that having your name in the headlines and image constantly splayed on the cover of all the top publications would make you an instantly recognizable figure impervious to legitimate impersonation, especially from an identity thief. However, as numerous reports over the past several years have indicated, attaining a level of celebrity may in fact make you the perfect target for identity theft.

In fact, just this August, a number of this generation’s most talked about socialites were the target of a Florida-based identity theft scheme that resulted in thousands of dollars in fraudulent purchases. Two of the biggest targets were Kim Kardashian and her mother Kris Jenner, whose names and personal identification information were used by thieves to open up credit cards and run up significant theft.

According to the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail tabloid, a mother and son from Florida were charged with the massive fraud operation, where authorities also recovered the banking information of actors Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson, singer Beyonce, senior government officials and even First Lady Michelle Obama.

While the high profile of these victims helped this crime make headlines, theft of identity is just as prevalent among non-celebrities – if not more so – and recovering from the crime is a much more costly undertaking. Enlist the help of an identity monitor service so that you can take steps to promptly combat fraud when certain, potentially suspicious  activity takes place in your name.