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The Resource Center Identity Theft & Protection | article

Even High-profile Celebrities Can Be Affected by Identity Theft

Identity theft affects millions of people every year, from children who have never even applied for a line of credit to celebrities with some of the highest name recognition on the planet. No case of ID theft is unusual because no one is immune to this crime since there is no way to 100 percent guard against it. However, if you are diligent about credit score monitoring and are responsible about sharing your personal identification information, you’ll be able to decrease the risk.

However, as was proven back in 2000, even high-profile celebrities who have tons of security measures at their disposal are not immune to this damaging crime. Tiger Woods, the professional golfer who was once the highest-paid athlete in the country, was making headlines back at the turn of the millennium, but not because of his skills on the links. In fact, the news was all over the superstar for the activity of an identity thief who had stolen Woods’ credit data and personal identification information for financial gain.

Anthony Taylor was charged with stealing the star’s name and Social Security number to go on a shopping spree that racked up $17,000 worth of electronics. The golfer quickly caught on to the crime and even went so far as to testify on behalf of the prosecution in the proceedings against Taylor.

“I hate shopping. I have never liked it. I don’t like picking out things. I’d rather go play (golf),” Woods told the court during the proceedings.

While Tiger Woods is fortunate enough to have top-notch litigators at his disposal when legal matters like this come up, identity theft can be an extremely costly and irrecoverable situation for the average American who do not have millions in endorsements at their disposal.