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The Resource Center Identity Theft & Protection | article

Expats to Canada Potentially Exposed to ID Theft

According to the British publication The Daily Telegraph, Canada is now the second most highly emigrated country in the world for British expats, right behind Australia. Given the fact that the United States shares a border with Canada, Americans also frequently leave the country to take advantage of potential opportunities in the Great White North. Because travel between these two countries is so easily – only a few years ago Americans could even enter Canada without a passport – and our cultures are so similar, it makes sense that people on both sides of the border are so quick to cross it. However, it’s not only easy for American immigrants to enter Canada, but ID theft is also very easy to commit given all the personal information that is exchanged when relocating out of the country.

Identity theft runs rampant between the borders of the two countries because Americans are so susceptible to the many scams that fraudsters elicit to lure personal information out of potential victims.

For instance, you may see an advertisement for a great job in Toronto, but you may be asked to provide citizenship information before becoming an American transplant. There have been numerous cases of this happening, only for the hapless American to end up the victim of ID theft, with a non-citizen using this information to live and work stateside.

Only go through official channels if you decide to relocate to any country, not just Canada. your passport and citizenship information, like your Social Security number, are gold for criminals committing identity theft. Never trust anyone but the U.S. and Canadian governments when emigrating for work so that your information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.