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FBI Unlocks San Bernadino Shooter’s iPhone

In an almost anti-climactic ending, the Apple versus FBI encryption battle has ended.For the past couple of weeks, we've kept you updated on the contentious legal battle brewing between Apple and the FBI, but now things are coming to an end. Federal officials announced that they successfully hacked into the San Bernadino shooter's iPhone on Monday night.

“The government has now successfully accessed the data stored on [San Bernardino shooter Syed] Farook’s iPhone and therefore no longer requires the assistance from Apple,” the government wrote in court documents.

Apple has been fighting a court order to unlock an iPhone in the FBI's custody for weeks citing security concerns and the possibility of setting a precedent of authorized government surveillance through their products.

Last week, the Department of Justice lawyers requested a delay of the court hearing when a third party came forward with a way to hack the phone without corrupting the information stored.

The showdown seems to be over, but experts say it's only the beginning as we grapple with the concepts of privacy and national security.

Law professor at the University of Buffalo, Mark Bartholomew, told ABC, "this seemed like the perfect case and that has evaporated but now the question is, will Congress step in?” Bartholomew said. “This is such an important story, so I could see Congress weighing in on this issue. We need a more fine-tuned answer than what we are getting from this case. Congress needs to be precise about what this technology should look like and when consumer interests would trump law enforcement.”

While we wait for Congress to step in or avoid the issue, we can be sure that Apple and others may already be working on better encryption and security; The New York Times has reported that Apple is working on building better security measures that would make it near impossible for anyone to hack into locked iPhones.