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The Resource Center Identity Theft & Protection | article

Happy Labor Day – What if someone else is using your SSN for work

Theft of identity is considered by the Federal Trade Commission to be one of the fastest growing white collar crimes plaguing Americans today. In the past decade, there have been millions of reports of identity theft that have left credit scores – and lives – ruined as a result.

One of the most troubling incidents of this crime occurs when people have their Social Security number stolen and used by an individual to attain a job.

In most cases when this happens, the Social Security number is used by an illegal immigrant who can’t acquire a job in this country without providing one of these cards to a potential employer. As a result, there are many identity theft rings, on large and small scales, that fish around for Social Security numbers that they can give to these immigrants.

As a result, when you go to apply for a new job, you may discover that someone with your same Social Security number is already employed, often under a different name. This person can do more than just apply for a job in your name, but take out mortgages, car loans or even apply for a marriage certificate, destroying your credit and potentially trumping your opportunity to wed as well.

When you are a victim of this sort of theft of identity, it can be hard to track down the criminal because they need your Social Security card as much as you do to get by. As well, because this sort of total identity theft is so far reaching, untangling the web of deceit can be next to impossible.

Protect your identity at all costs by being highly discretionary about sharing your Social Security number and checking your credit report as often as possible.