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The Resource Center Credit Fraud & Credit Monitoring | article

Inspire Mom to Be Better Protected This Mother’s Day

It's fitting that Mother's Day takes place in the beginning of May, since the weather has finally warmed up and you can truly do something for your mom that shows her how much you care. If Mom's a gardener, this is the perfect time to enjoy an afternoon helping her plant new bulbs in the garden. Even hosting a barbecue in her honor and giving her some flowers are wonderful ways to let your mother know she is appreciated.

Some gifts can pay off throughout the year
While you may be more inclined to do something for Mom that takes advantage of the beautiful weather, there are other gifts you could give her that will keep on giving no matter what the season. But they aren't always tangible. For instance, encouraging your mom to enroll in a credit monitoring program can help her keep track of certain financial activity taking place in her name. And, in the long run, that can help her stay aware of unexpected dangers such as credit fraud or identity theft.

Better control over finances is something everyone can benefit from
Credit and identity monitoring services essentially allow you to have a better idea of financial and other activity taking place in your name by alerting you to certain changes in your credit report. You can also have insight into the ups and downs of your credit score and you may be able to discover whether or not there are any purchases in your name that you may want to dispute, if you don't remember making them.

When your credit monitoring program alerts you to activity on one of your accounts that is affecting your credit report, it may be a sign that your account has been compromised by an identity thief. Somehow, one of these criminals may have gotten a hold of your personal identification information, such as your Social Security number or date of birth, and was able to open up new accounts in your name. By having an identity monitoring program watch over your finances like a second set of eyes, you may be giving yourself an edge in combating fraudulent purchases because you were able to spot them quickly.

By encouraging your mother to enroll in this kind of program as well, you'll be helping to ensure that she has a little more control over her finances and that she knows she's raised a smart kid.